Vinzenz Peters

PhD Candidate in Economics at the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University 

Welcome to my website! 

I'm a PhD candidate in Economics at the Department of Macro, International, and Labour Economics (MILE) at the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University in the Netherlands. My supervisors are Mark Sanders and Stefan Straetmans

In my research, I address the question of how financial systems, and specifically banking, can be instrumental in promoting sustainable and resilient economic development in the face of climate change. As an applied economist, I combine rigorous econometric analysis and strong critical thinking skills with interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives to advance our common knowledge about and our ability to overcome the big challenges of our time. 


"Resilience to Extreme Weather Events and Local Financial Structure of Prefecture-Level Cities in China" (w/ Jingtian Wang and Mark Sanders) published in Climatic Change: [Link] 

My paper "Lending in the Rain? The Economic Impacts of Natural Hazard Shocks on Banks and the Finance-Resilience Nexus: A Review" is now available on SSRN: [Link]

Upcoming presentations: 

2 February 2024 3rd Dutch Environmental and Resource Economics (DEARE) Day in Utrecht

20 February 2024 HWWI Research Seminar in Hamburg 

27-28 February 2024  17th RGS Doctoral Conference in Essen

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