Teaching experience

Maastricht University

School of Business and Economics:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:

Average grade in student evaluations (as of November 2023): 8.8/10

University of Münster

School of Business and Economics

Some student feedback:

"I would also like to mention that my tutor, Vinzenz, was an excellent tutor to have. He was knowledgeable, nice, explained extremely well, and really helped creating an ideal environment for the tutorials. If it were not for him the course would have been much less enjoyable." (Globalisation Debate, 2022/2023)

"The tutor has helped the whole group 7. He always made sure we understood everything, if he had to explain a concept 1000 times he explained it to us. A tutor with patience and above all a lot of motivation. You can tell that he likes to explain and that helps the students to be interested in the subject. Something that I have to say, very positive is that he always tried to make the group have a good discussion and with all the important information. Undoubtedly a very good tutor." (Governing the European Economy, 2022/2023)

"Vinzenz is a great lad with good social skills and big brains" (Sustainable Development for Emerging Markets, 2021/2022)